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The No Matter What Club of Jupiter is a non-profit service organization dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery.  We provide a safe and sober environment based on the principles of 12 Step recovery programs. This includes meetings, fellowship, educational activities and social events.  The result is the enhancement of the lives of people in recovery and the communities in which they live.


On April 16th 2014, twenty-nine local members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), met to discuss the creation of an AA Clubhouse that would serve the Jupiter / Tequesta area. The need for a Clubhouse in the area was identified by a few member’s, who were in attendance at this meeting.

Following the AA Guidelines “The relationship between AA and Clubs”, a proposed location at 200 Hibiscus Street #204, Jupiter, Florida was shared with the group. The group was in overwhelming support of the creation of an AA Clubhouse at this location. Direction was given by the group to secure this location for use. One week later, the group again met an installed a Board of Directors for Clubhouse business. At this meeting, a Clubhouse name was suggested. Charlie G. had met a gentleman at a meeting earlier in the day who had recently lost a child. He told Charlie, the phrase that got him through this loss without drinking was “No Matter What”. Group members at this meeting supported this name and it was subsequently passed by the Board as the “No Matter What Club of Jupiter” on April 28th 2014. Applications were made at this time for Corporate status as a 501c3 Corporation and Business Licensing from the Town of Jupiter. On May 20th 2014, official Corporation documents and Business Licenses from The Town of Jupiter and Palm Beach County, were received. During this same time period, members went to work cleaning and painting the Clubhouse in preparation for the official opening on Sunday, May 18th 2014. However, two “unofficial” meetings were held on the two Saturdays leading up to the grand opening, by the newly formed The Steps We Took Group. On Sunday, May 18th 2014 the Clubhouse officially opened for business. An Open House was hosted from 1:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M., with the first official meeting taking place at 7:30 P.M. by the newly formed 11th Step Meditation Group. The Membership agreed to hold a Membership Drive, with the opportunity for new members to become Founding, Charter and Original Members. The drive will last until July 28th 2014 and will give members who donate, their place in Clubhouse history.